Kris Easler

I'm an illustrator currently living in Chicago, IL
A couple of fellow train riders from yesterday. Sketching on the train seems to be pretty hit-or-miss - you get days like Friday, where there was a (previously smoking, which did a number on my lungs in an already crowded train) lady sitting next to me looking over my shoulder the whole time and a couple of teens commenting on how “my sister watches that Full Metal Alchemist crap,” or you get days like yesterday, when you get a pretty empty train and you feel like a sketching ninja because they are completely oblivious to your sketching them. There was another guy I sketched who looked like a preppy Norman Reedus, but these two were my favorites.


Happy Autumn!

If you’re not excited about autumn and dogs you can leaf.

this is ADORABLE. 

Tomorrow I begin my first steps to being a (paid) tea guru (at Argo Tea Cafe). 

So. Excited. and nervous. and excited. 

might be doing a lot of tea-inspired sketching. 

For some reason i’m feeling a bit nostalgic for volleyball. I played this and basketball until 10th grade, before I moved to a different state and school (which had an actual art program, so I dropped sports altogether). Every once in a while I wish I had a way to play this again. 

new apartment - check 
new hair style - check 
new hair color - check 
new glasses - pending… 

Art Prints by Kris Easler | Society6

I’ve added some new prints to the shop! 

goodness it’s been a while since i’ve been able to post any personal work. most of the projects i’ve been working on i can’t show yet, and I miss getting feedback and encouragement from you guys. Wolfsheep would require a wolfshepherdess just as awesome as they would be. I call her “Big Horn.”Back to work! 

Excited to find out that I’m one of the winners for Applied Arts Magazine’s 2014 Student Competition!! Big thanks to Ryan Sanchez who was my professor/art director for that particular illustration, and to my fellow classmates who are also on the list!

whenever I get a new sketchbook, I always have to put something epic as the first sketch (and I absolutely can’t draw anything on the first page. too much pressure) - so here’s my “first sketchbook sketch” involving a Viking/Mongol girl and an osprey.